More Hats and A Fun Evening!

These are some of the photos from before and during the Living Art Of Montana Light Show fund raising event. I wish someone has gotten a picture of me in the horse head costume I wore but I haven't seen any. Oh well. Since it was Derby themed, most of the women wore fun hats. I borrowed this from someone and it just happened to match perfectly with this Cavalli dress. Hats are hard to come by in Montana as nobody really wears them. I wear sun hats but that's really all And I kinda stand out I those even.

This is the fullest swingiest skirt and is a great one to swing dance in. Kanon danced me around the living room before I left to do styling and makeup for one of the performers for the event. I love that he dances with me!

Honestly I think I need to find more occasions to wear fun hats.

Beautiful ladies in beautiful hats!

Although I don't have any photos of myself in the horse costume I have to tell you all a story about it. I had decided that I would wear this little black dress and these heelless shoes that looked a bit like horse shoes, very Lady Gaga. Anyway, a few minutes before I was to be lead out as the horse I went in to change and realized I didn't have the dress I was planning on wearing, only the shoes and horse head. Totally my own fault but panic panic panic! I stuck my head out of the dressing room and began scanning the crowd for anyone I knew who might help me out of my disaster. Into my view come my friend Shannon Stage who was wearing a black dress and a black, white and red that I put together for her for this event. I got someone to flag her down and when she got to me I said “Shannon, strip, I need your dress!”. She looks at me and with out a word steps into the changing room and gives me the dress. It is great to have friends the same size and totally willing to help out in an emergancy! I simply ruched up the sides with a few safety pins off we went. We wore each other's dresses and hats for the remainder of the night and it worked out perfectly! The picture below is before the quick change. Thanks Shannon, you rock!

My dress is Just Cavalli seen here and the hat was thrifted and borrowed. The shoes are Nina seen here. The bag was gifted from my mother and is vintage.

Kanon took the photos of me at the top of the page and the others were snap shots from the event.





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