One Lovely Blog Award!

Ok, I haven’t been blogging long at all and I thought this was really cool!  I was nominated by Read: Cook: Live: for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks so much for the nod and now it is my turn to pick those I want to pass this on to.

It is my understanding that the receiver of the award is to post seven random things about him or herself and then to send the award on to 15 other blogs.  So here goes:

1.  I adore intense lip color and sometimes wear it to sleep just because I love it.

2.  I have always thought that going to a large bookstore like Borders or Powells or Barnes and Nobles by myself is a treat.  It feels strangely luxurious and I will happily drive down Reserve Street to do it.  (I pretty much avoid Reserve Street otherwise.)

3.  Somedays, I believe, would not be worth living if there were not chocolate to be had.

4.  I am a very very very poor reader but have learned to enjoy it anyway.

5.  I love champagne and feel that it will go with any meal perfectly.

6.  My favorite Bethoven symphony is the Pastorale Symphony which is the sixth.

7.  I can still put both legs behind my head but I can not even come close to doing the splits anymore.

And 15 blogs I nominate in no particular order:













I am ending with 12 because the others that I read on a regular basis have received this award already.

Thanks you for the nomination Read: Cook: Live:!

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