Star Gazing

These B Brian Atwood Licata Suede Star Sandals have me drooling. I am in love with the simplicity they have while still being completely eye catching. This might be the perfect summer night sandal. Heavy lust happening here.

Have a wonderful day and hope for spring weather and night sky filled with stars.




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The Joy Of New Chloe Shoes!

Look at the color of these shoes! Seriously, these are happy shoes. Remarkably comfy with their chunky heel and soft leather. How do they make it metalic and soft? I love them, and yes, they make me happy! Joy of Shoes! And the fact that I can wear them in my beg for spring to shine on me while only being slightly cold also makes me happy. Our snow is melting and I am ready for sun. So, along that train of thought, how about cream colored jeans. Spring indeed! Of course I might be a titch early but I like them and I'm not always known to follow rules when it comes to fashion. Rules can be so dull. I say wear what you love unless it's baggy ratty sweats, then only wear them in the house.

I was on a color search to go with the shade of white (which is just another neutral in my book) and the shoes do the trick but I also like the contrasting pinky mauve of the jacket. It mutes the brashness of the shoes just a bit. The ombré colors in the top work with the shoes and since it is a t shirt, keep it casual and chic at the same time.

And let me just say, I finally got my hair done! Loving it. It's nice to be blond again and not so dark root/gray. Heh.

Jacket my MuuBaa seen here and here. Jeans by Agave Denim seen here and here. T shirt by Go Couture. Cheap earring. Fabulous happy Shoes by Chloe.

Photography by Kanon

I hope you are enjoying the best spring weather and have fabulous new shoes to make you happy!




Spring Rain With Style

In many places and to many fashion adoring people, spring poses a style conundrum. How does one keep their lovely outfit, that was chosen to beg the sun, dry while walking in the spring rain? Miu Miu had some fun rain coats in the fall 14 showing and hopefully some will translate into what comes out in the stores this fall. The following is one option that I am adding to my lust list that is all available for spring, in stores now. The silver color of this coat makes it seasonless which ways helps when justifying the value and need. By adding spring colored accessories this happily becomes a staple spring piece.

Issey Miyake Vintage Boxy Rain Coat


The sleek shape of the boot and added detail of the print and strap are lovely and with the hand painted umbrella, I believe one could be fashionable and fabulously dry as possible in a torrent if rain.




Feminine Leather and Cashmere

Leather has become much more fashionable and feminine expanding from the tough girl biker chic look with everything from feminine skirts to business and cocktail dresses, tall boots, leggings and tops and tunics. Because leather can be a real investment it needs to be wearable piece and one that won't be out of fashion in the next season. Leather leggings have proved their staying power as have leather trimmed items like cardigans and sweaters. Leather skirts I think can be harder. I went for it though because this soft beauty just looked so wearable.

It is long enough that, although it is still a mini skirt, it isn't too short for me with my height and dare I say age. And the style is simple. But the winning features for me are the color which, isn't black, and it is the softest most divine leather. It is so soft that it moves like cloth. So lovely.

Since the texture of the leather is so lovely, I chose cashmere for the top, loose and soft. And then the fun bit is the boots, high and a graphic leopard printed hair calf.

The gold I just added for brightness.

Sometimes when I lack a color in the outfit I add it in the make up. I wanted a soft neutral lip with this so I added color to my eyes. Not too much, just a bit of a spring green.

Cashmere sweater seen here and here by j crew. Fun cheap bling. Leather skirt by Halston Heritage. Tights from target. Leopard hair calf boots by Giambatista Valli seen here and here and in this photo shoot that is one of my favorites here. Vintage mesh clutch by Whiting and Davis seen here.

Photography by Kanon Saunders




Prints and Patent

I definitely don't dress up often enough these days. I enjoy dressing up but since I live out of town and work out in town at a studio with no shower, I find myself in workout tights or skirts way too often. I've also signed up for the Missoula 1/2 marathon and although I live close to great places to run, we still have ice and I am running with a group anyway so I drive to town to run. Again, not particularly dressy clothes, the running attire. I can't say I would like to model them here, anyway. I used to be better about just dressing up at home for the sole purpose of appreciating the clothes and enjoying being well put together but lately it seems I've been too busy for that. Hmmm, I better change that before it gets away from me. That all being said, this is from a few days ago and I love the outfit. I'm not sure why I never put these together before. It feels business but fun because of the print.

And the trench I got in Paris on my honeymoon so naturally it is one of my favorites.

Skywalker wanted in the picture too.

The button down is men's, but the way it is cut it works for this look. Without the belt it is big at the waist but the belt gives it shape and structure. I bought it at a men's shop in Portland when we were living there and have only worn it maybe 6 times. I love the print but it can be a difficult piece to make look nice on my body shape, it was cut for less chest after all. I think this worked well though.

When my hair was long I wore it in a chignon often, simply because it was so easy to do. It is long enough to do that again and I wore it that way here but for some reason, (the fact that I will be 39 this year) I'm not sure I'm as in love with it as I was. We will see if it has a renewed moment as my hair gets longer.

These are my new favorite thing. Burberry simple patent black ankle booties. I love the shape and I've already worn them lots. They are comfy to wear all day and so stylish!

Sky was kiss happy during these pictures. Silly boy.

Trench seen here by Miss Alabama. Button down by Miu Miu seen here on Kanon. Wool mini by Prada. Tights from Target. Patent booties by Burberry. Handbag by Linea Pella seen here.

Photography by 6 year old Mac. It took some doing but we got enough to work with here. Hehe.

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day and enjoy your Guinness! (Never drink green beer. Eeewww!)




Still Cool But A Definite Warming Trend

It is chilly in the morning, well, below freezing actually, but it's getting warmer in the day and the sun is coming out and our snow is melting! These things make me happy! Not that you can tell from the look I have in this first picture. Look as if I might bite off someone's head. Or at least that must be what I'm contemplating so intently.

Not looking much happier here. Still looking angry. All the stupid imbisiles I have to deal with day in day out. Sigh. Kidding, kidding. Although please feel free to caption the photos today in the comments.

Seriously, morons give me migraines. Especially when I'm leaning on a brick wall. Again, sigh, and probably an exasperated eye roll too, just for emphasis.

Shoes, those usually make me smile. Especially dove Gray suede Guiseppe Zanotti boots. And since it's dry enough not to be able to wear suede, at least today, I should smile.

So smile I will.

Leather and wool jacket by Theory seen here and here. Top by Go Couture. Skirt by American Apparel. Opaque tights from Target. Cashmere scarf seen here is an eBay find. Boots by Guiseppe Zanotti seen here and here.

Kanon took today's photos.




Beenie And Boot On the Boy

Our weather has been just atrocious. Snow and more snow and now rain. I have been stuck and home and pretty cranky about it. Defiantly have spring fever! Now that the snow is melting and then freezing into ice, everything seems a mess so I will post these pictures from before the weather fiasco. Handsome kid I have. Enjoy, and I hope it's sunny where ever you are!

Kanon doesn't always put thought I to his personal style and sometimes I can't say that I love the style he chooses. (Which I am fine with and don't expect to just as I don't expect everyone to love my personal style, it is personal after all). But sometimes he just gets it really right. He has very good taste when it comes to layering. This was what he wore to school and I for one thought it looked great.

It looks effortless and still very stylish. The combo of the rusty brown and the blue beenie are great with he grays and black. Enough interest but no overpowering. You know I love a nice color pop.

Fun neck bling. I think it's from a friend of his. I like the casual detail.

I can't say I know who any of these cloths items are by. But you can see more of his style here and here and here.

Have a wonderful day!





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