Simple Silk For Hot Summer

Today's forcast is for a high of 99. We will see if I can manage to make my Tuesday run, that is pretty hot! Often on hot days I find I'm more concerned about staying cool than staying fashionable. Sometimes you come across a lovely piece that allows for both. This loose silk high low maxi does that . It is light and breeze and still has style.

The looseness helps with staying cool too. Although I think it would be a cute dress for a summer evening party or cocktails also. The print makes it a versitile piece.

As for makeup in the heat, I just add a little sparkle and mascara and call it good.

Silk dress by Tolani. Shoes by Collin Stuart seen many times on the blog. Bracelet was gifted from a dear friend.

Photography by Malachy

XOXO and stay cool.



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Flowers and Stripes with Peep Toes

I love this dress. It is a bit tight though,but it love the none the less. I love that it is completely summer. It can't be worn any other time with a added layers for warmth. That would just not look right at all. It is purely a summer dress. Only to be worn for one short season here in Montana. Far too often these days I find myself wearing workout clothes most of the day. So when I dress up in something like this it is just that much more special.

The stiped jacket over the top for the cool of the evening is a nice add but I like the dress alone best.

It doesn't need anything else. Just one simple strapless lovely symmetric mirror image floral print dress and great heels and friends to party with.

Dress by Zara seen here. Jacket by Robert Rodriguez seen here. Bag by Chanel seen here. Heels by Gucci seen here.

Photos by Kanon




Laser-cut Mesh Lovelies

Total shoe lust! These are so pretty! I love them! Louboutin lobules foot sure. Between the delicate design of the gold within the black patent and the mesh I can't seen anything I don't love!

You can pre order your pair today at Neiman Marcus for $1495.





Silly In Cut Offs and Linen.

I know I have mentioned before that I love heels with shorts. I love the mix of casual and sexy. Loose, comfy cut off jean shorts are the definition of casual. Especially when perfectly worn out with just the right amount of fraying and fading. So naturally I would like the juxtaposition of the sexy strappy nude shoes with the shorts. Adding a friendly linen tunic with its loose cut and wrinkled texture is just yummy. What's not to love?

Although, sometimes you just gotta be silly. Or in my life that sometimes would be on a pretty regular basic. You know, just to keep sane by checking reality I guess. Silly is as silly does?

I'm thinking Bella may not know what to make of me.

My kids are used to it. She will be too eventually.

Love the look of doggy disgust!

And back to serious.

Kiss kiss. I need to brush her teeth. Phew!

Too much silly in the sun is so tiring.

Cut offs are Paige denim seen here. Linen tunic is from Zara as are the shoes which have been on here lots because they are such a great simple strappy nude shoe and they go with everything. Sunnies are Mugler.

Photagraphy by the talented Kanon Saunders





Potted Plants and Chanel and Bella the Bulldog

I love love love pretty flowers growing on my deck in the summer. I have to wait till later than most to plant them because it stays cold late into the spring but once I do I love them! They are so bright and cheery and Mac has fun helping me pick out and plant the flowers.

Since I don't have a garden setting that works well with the wildlife whose home I live in, I have planters and pots on my deck.

Bella likes to follow me around when she isn't sleeping so she is trying her best to be beautiful addition to the photos. I warn her not to steel all the focus though. Hehe.

Summer sweaters are a staple for me. I like the long sleeves for cool mornings and evening and the open weave that is beathable and easy. And printed shorts are one of those items that can be terribly wrong if too loud but these are fun and I love the classy black and cream floral print. The look leans towards romance, I like that. And add to it this Chanel lambskin lovely, it is oh so soft and supple. Just dreamy. It is time for me to put this beauty of sale though, so I had to get one more photo shoot in with it. So pretty!

Alexander McQueen lovelies on my feet to go with the pretty flowers. And look at Bella looking back wanting love…

Sweater and linen shorts are from the Loft. Sunnies are Tom Ford seen so many times I'm not gonna put ping backs since you are probably tired of see them. Lizard Skin shoes are by Alexander McQueen. Lambskin bag is Chanel.

Photos by Kanon.




Flowers and Stripes In Summer Weather

Although today is gray and promising more rain, it has been beautifully sunny lately and is supposed to be again starting tomorrow. I am enjoying wearing summer clothes. Since our warm months are much fewer than our cold ones, I am always super excited to put on summer dresses and show off my terribly white legs. (I try to embrace my white skin since it is what I have, but it is challenging sometimes when I start seeing the gorgeous tans people sport all summer.)

So this little gem of a dress is an Old Navy find. I bought it when it was still cold out when I went in looking for workout tanks and there it was on sale and so cute! I don't have many strapless tops or dresses because they are a bit of a challenge to get the right fit over the girls, but I thought I would try it anyway and look how cute it is. I love that it is fitted in the bodice but has cute pleats at the skirt which makes is more comfortable and loose and maybe even a bit more casual.

For the scarf, who doesn't love a fun pink light cotton summer floral accent? Ok, there are probably plenty of people who hate pink and hate flowers and maybe even who hate summer, but I'm not one of them. And the fact that it is the perfect match to the dress with the pinks being in perfect shade and the blue inthe flowers matching the little stripe in in the dress, I love it even more! And it gives me just a bit of extra cover which is nice for this dess while going for a slightly more casual about town look.

The statement necklace just early pops on that much bare skin so I went for it.

For some reason I completely forgot to take shoe pictures. Next post with these I'll try to remember. They are pretty cute and a nude wedge is so wearable in the summer. Pretty much goes with everything from shorts to jeans to dresses and skirts and can be worn dressy or casual.

Dress is from Old Navy. Cotton scarf is by Blue Pacific. Nude wedge sandal is Pour La Victoire. Bling is by Kendra Scott seen here and here. And finally, sunnies are by Mugler.

Photography by Kanon.


Larkin Kavanaugh


A Black Linen Suit

Kanon recently went to his school prom. And as the traditional attire for men is a tux, I am not surprised that he opted for something else. But as you likely know, suits can be a pretty penny, especially for a 17 year old who will likely not be the same size or shape in 6 months. So making an investment is a suit seems silly. Where to turn? H & M has suits. We got this 100% linen suit for under $80 after an internet search for coupons. It is slim fit and really look nice. I already had the Miu Miu dress shirt and so he was set.

Such a handsome kid. I can hardly believe he is almost 18!

He wanted a white linen suit and H & M had one but I talked him into black since the chances of a second wear of a white linen suit in Missoula, Montana are about as slim as finding a prada pump or chanel bag at our mall. Maybe he will get a few wears out of it before he fills out and can't fit it any more. A white linen suit with those black boots and a fitted black t would have looked great too though.

He looks ready for the catwalk here. He is the right height for runway. Definitely has the runway attitude.

I chose not to post pictures of his date as I guess that is her parents right to do and not mine. But since Kanon looked so handsome I get to post pictures of him. Love his style!
Obviously the dogs have to check him out too.

Linen suit pants and jacket from H & M. Shirt my Miu Miu seen here. Boots seen here and I don't know who they are by since they are vintage.

Photos by me this time.





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