Winter Snow and Fur To Stay Warm

I have not been a good fashionista lately. It seems that I am in workout clothes most days until early evening when I shower and put on comfy house clothes that are not to be seen in public as they are not at all flattering or fashionable. This is also the most difficult time of year to get photos as the light fades very early in the day. But last weekend I ran errands on Sunday and so I ventured out into the foggy winter mess that is the Missoula inversion, but since I live a bit higher than the town, my house was above most of the nasty gray with enough light for pictures and Kanon was home to oblige, so here you go.

My favorite items in winter are usually leggings and tunics or sweaters. I love the comfort, what can I say? Weekend wear is so yummy.

It was warm for December last weekend and is supposed to be warm all week. Snow is melting and everything is slushy and slick. Boots with grippy soles are a must unless you aren't opposed to landing on your butt in a puddle of gray slush. These have nice vibram soles so they work well but I still have to be careful and pick my way a bit as I like the white color to remain white.

What could go better with boots with white fur than a white fur infinity scarf. It feels so soft against my neck and it so wonderfly warm!

Rabbit fur scarf is tagless and is an Ebay find. Tunic was gifted and is by Susana Monaco. Leggings are by Free People. Boots are by Manitobah. Sunnies are Tom Ford and can be seen here and here.

Photos by Kanon.

Stay warm and dry.




I’m Not Ready For Winter

I'm never really ready for winter but this year it seems worse than usual. Maybe because fall was so beautiful and now it is so cold! I love the sunny days with a high of 70 degrees. Now we have snow and ice and cold cold cold and wind. So since I'm hiding indoors by the fire with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I'll post pictures I have from a perfect fall day before this crazy cold no degree weather.

The colors in this golden light are perfect! This is a little pullout overlook and trail head close to my house.
I'm a sucker for a cozy hoody. Using it as a top layer is perfect for staying warm and I love the casual look it creates.

Look at the beautiful sky! Now it's gray. Meh. I think I'm ready for a beach vacation. Who's with me?

Sweater by Pol is from a local boutique and might be my current favorite. It is definitely in high rotation so expect to see it again soon. Dress by she seen here and here. Leggings from Victoria's Secret (they have long ones there for tall girls). Boots by Chloe seen here. Scarf by Michael Stars seen here and here and probably plenty of other times as well.

Photos by Mac.




Dìa De Los Muertos 2014

It is late to post this and well, I've been bad about posting haven't I? Anyway, Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays. Missoula has a beautiful parade in the evening that ends at the park with an intricate mandala, fire dancers, drummers and other musicians. It is such a fun event to go to with Mac. I tried to get Kanon to go again this year but he would have none of it. Mac and I had a blast though.

Kanon did macs face design this time. Mac was pretty happy with it. He felt it was sufficiently scary. I agree. He did not enjoy washing it off, however.

This is the second year I've done my face full sugar skull. I love anything that allows for creativity in makeup, so this is right up my alley. Last year I went with a darker green and it rally rad as black so this year I chose for turquoise as my main color. I was happy with the finished look. The bright pink lips add life to it I think.

I had fun adding a little sparkle too.

And because I'm not a fan of grease paint I opted for a light silvery look instead. Much easier on the skin.

Photos by Kanon

Have a wonderful day and stay warm. We are freezing here at 4 whole degrees.




Changing Colors and Wearing Sweaters

I've been a little crazy since I posted last and I suppose is my excuse for having taken so long between posts. One of our dogs had a very unfortunate incident involving playing chicken with a car or some other such game and has taken lots and lots of time and care. We are pretty confident he will make it through this ordeal but it sure has been a trial. He is now without a tail but finally on his way to healing. He is now The Fantastic Mr. Skywalker for those who know The Fantatic Mr. Fox. All of that doing said, I think we are through the worst of the drama and trama and although he has lots of healing left to do, I think he is in fact healing. He will have some pretty crazy scars but I don't think he will mind too much. When he is all back to great I will post a picture but for now, just believe me that you don't want to see.

Ok, on to pretty cashmere and fabulous Chloe boots. I think you may be seeing a lot of these boots on here. I love them!

It is still warm enough to not always wear a coat. Cold in the mornings but up into the 60's in the sunny afternoons. So, as you might have guessed, I tend to layer. This is also the perfect time of year for light cashmere sweaters and sweaters with 3/4 length sleeves as this one has.

Boots with a loose fit go over pretty much anything and since I have skinny chicken leg calves, I like that they are supposed to be loose and have a straight shape rather than the kind that hugs your leg as those rarely hug my legs. These go perfect with a dress, with leggings, with jeans, just wear em with it all. And oh my do these have the most fabulous full grain leather that is still so soft and rich. Just yummy!

Since scarves add warmth and color but can be taken off when you get too toasty in the sun, they are perfect for fall weather. I have this bright one that I love. I'll try not to over do it on the blog though.

The layering extends to my wrists here for sure. Stack layers of fun beads and it makes for a casual look with lots of color. And since I love them, an up-close of the boot yummyness!

3/4 length sleeve oversized cashmere tunic is by White and Warren. They tank underneath is Old Navy. The leggings are Members Only seen here, here and here. Scarf was gifted. Boots are Chloe. Bling is just fun and cheap.

Photos are by Mac.




I Lust Miu Miu

Since living in Montana again I've had limited access to designer collections and high fashion in general. The internet is an wonderful tool for shopping and looking and I make use of it regularly and do my best to keep up with the shows and the new collections. However, there is much to be said for the ability to feel a clothing item, turn it over, look at it, try it on etc. It can look lovely on a model styled to perfection online or in print but it can be challenging to truly understand the item from the prospective of a wearer who isn't professionally styled and might not be a model size nothing. Of course these prospectives changes as often as the many body types that might buy said item. So, to be in Vienna and have all the high end boutiques within easy walking distance from my hotel meant I was in heaven! I shopped them all! I touched, I tried, I worked my lust list over, dropping items off of it and adding new ones. I was good and didn't buy anything but it was so much fun for me. Just to have all the style and fashion inspiration was so wonderful! One of the boutiques I experienced was Miu Miu. I have not had the opportunity to shop a full collection at a boutique from Miu Miu before. I do quite like Prada so it might be obvious that I would like Miu Miu also, however I had no idea I would fall head over heals in lust. What can I say? It happens, sigh. Beautiful things make me swoon. So here are my current most coveted items riding high on my lust list of the moment.

These particular pumps and bowler are apparently not available in the US. Well, not that I was going to go right out and buy them…there is a similar pump at in black with green rubber and without the mini t-strap detail, but I can't find this bowler matelasse anywhere aside from a previous years color. I so love the structure of the bag and the leather is just like butter. So yummy! The Miu Miu site has this color in the tote which is also nice but I like the extra detail of the bowler with the gold tone hardwear. That being said, I hope you have added some items to your lists.

Have a lovely day and enjoy something lovely even if only on your list and not in your closet.





A Bite To Eat and A Site To See in Vienna

One of the lovely places I had a bite was the Sacher Hotel for the world famous Sacher Torte. This on the recommendation on a friend who even gave me a Gruner Veltliner wine recommendation to go with my snack. (Thanks Tara!)

Presentation was lovely partly because the view out on the street was perfect with the sunny day and the busy people. Very lovely place to watch people. But seriously, who doesn't love a gorgeous slice of world famous cake and a glass of wine while sitting in the perfect 70 degree weather and watching the scenery of a healthy mix of people featuring so many different languages and styles and beauty.

First bite to last bite I enjoyed every one. Love the apricot tartness matched with the sweet chocolate and the fresh crisp wine. Perfection!

On my wanderings around Vienna I visited several churches and cathedrals. Well, pretty much any that were in my path. I love the overwhelming architecture of them. I can wander in and sit and stare at church after church. So, here are several picture of one that was not even close to the largest but the timing was just right. I was able to sit and watch the light change for about an hour and it was just mesmerizing! I walked past it every day since it was very close to my hotel, so on the last day, I decided to try to catch it at the time the sun would be shining directly into it via the stained glass windows.

The colors reflected onto the pale stone wall and changed as the light intensified and moved. It was truly amazing and if I were a photographer with a good camera I imagine a time laps of this would be remarkable. But I was just using my iPhone so light can be tricky to catch in it's true pigment but I did my best.

The pipes from the organ were so intensely reflective at one point that it was almost difficult to look directly at them while the floor of the church was quite dark.

The painted ceiling was difficult to see until the light came in and lit it at which point it revealed itself to be intricate and beautiful.

I had such a lovely time in Vienna and would happily go back. Thoroughly enjoyed my wanderings.

Photos by me this time.




Beautiful Vienna!

Although my flight over was less than perfect, I have had a wonderful time in Austria. My luggage didn't make it to my destination till about 24 hours after I did. Lesson in looking fabulous in worn travel clothes. . . I did alright but fabulous might be a stretch. I was pretty thrilled when my luggage arrived at the hotel and I had fresh items to choose from!


I have felt low on inspiration and things to delight my eyes but this trip is really doing the trick. I've enjoyed museums food and wine and shopping and just walking and looking. I went into several ornate churches. I never seem to tire of them. I only had one day and several lovely evening with Michael in Vienna since he had meetings the rest of the time. (Which is why I got to come in the first place). So we took in some of the city just wandering around in the museum district as well as a visit to a modern art museum.

It is lovely being somewhere with a decidedly different aesthetic and if I would have had a photographer with me I would have taken lots of fun fashion shots to post.

Michael did a nice job with these pictures. This was just a building that we wondered into that had this open lobby with no one in it. The mirrors were perfect for photos.

And since it said photos…

Proseco after the museum was just right.

Dress by Sen. Fun cheap bling. Bag by Terrida. Boots by Chloe but I guess you can't see them in any of the shots. I'll post another of them later since I'm pretty sure they will be the goto boot this fall.

Photos by Michael

XOXO from the airport in Vienna, Austria on my way to Oslo, Norway.




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