Beautiful Vienna!

Although my flight over was less than perfect, I have had a wonderful time in Austria. My luggage didn't make it to my destination till about 24 hours after I did. Lesson in looking fabulous in worn travel clothes. . . I did alright but fabulous might be a stretch. I was pretty thrilled when my luggage arrived at the hotel and I had fresh items to choose from!


I have felt low on inspiration and things to delight my eyes but this trip is really doing the trick. I've enjoyed museums food and wine and shopping and just walking and looking. I went into several ornate churches. I never seem to tire of them. I only had one day and several lovely evening with Michael in Vienna since he had meetings the rest of the time. (Which is why I got to come in the first place). So we took in some of the city just wandering around in the museum district as well as a visit to a modern art museum.

It is lovely being somewhere with a decidedly different aesthetic and if I would have had a photographer with me I would have taken lots of fun fashion shots to post.

Michael did a nice job with these pictures. This was just a building that we wondered into that had this open lobby with no one in it. The mirrors were perfect for photos.

And since it said photos…

Proseco after the museum was just right.

Dress by Sen. Fun cheap bling. Bag by Terrida. Boots by Chloe but I guess you can't see them in any of the shots. I'll post another of them later since I'm pretty sure they will be the goto boot this fall.

Photos by Michael

XOXO from the airport in Vienna, Austria on my way to Oslo, Norway.



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Transitioning to Autumn

Cool but not cold. We still get warm sun but it is cooler for sure. Our hot days are gone. These pics were taken just before labor day so white pants still are ok. Not that I think that's a rule to be followed, I don't. I love winter white wool pants. In fact Ralph Lauren's fall collection with the white trousers and bulky white sweaters…lust! But back to me, since it's my blathery blog after all.

I hadn't worn these white jeans all summer and I felt they needed to be worn or find a new life ( I think they would make cute cut offs). I tried them longer without the rolls and didn't love the look but I like the rolled look, especially with high boots. The simple print on the cotton sweater calls to me. I have no idea why as I don't own any other heart print items…but it does. I like the blocky shape the square of hearts make on the sweater in contrast with my rather ample chest. Silly huh.

I think the jeans would have gotten more love if they were one size bigger or I was one size smaller. As for the boots, I just love these. You've seen them plenty on the blog no doubt, but don't they pull the bag into the outfit just perfectly?

Chanel rouge lips to pop the red…

Sweater by Banana Republic. Bag by Burrberry seen here. Jeans by Agave seen here and here. Boots by L.A.M.B. seen here and here. Lip by Chanel.

Photagraphy by Kanon.





Cooler Weather and September Issues!

Although I am sad summer is over, that sadness is tempered by the fact that all the lovely September issue fashion magazines are out! I pretty much only buy mags in September and get all my fashion news on,one for the rest of the year. Well, not entirely true, I do get the spring vogue collections also. There is just something I love about flipping through the huge Vogue that essentially catalogs all the upcoming trends and ad launches and such. I like the to have the magazine in hand and find myself flipping forward and back to folded pages that I liked.

With the sun still warm and magazines or on table and a pellagrino, I am a happy girl. I might be happier with wine instead of sparkling water…but defiantly happy!

I pick my must have pieces and put them on my lust list. It's ever changing and item fall off when I tire of them before they come into my wardrobe (this is the fate of many items on my list since I purchase designer wears pretty sparingly) but it is a list none the less and lists make me happy too.

Ok, a bit of comentary on the outfit. Ankle skinnys rolled to crop are perfect for end of summer, warm enough but not hot paired with a simple tank under a summer sweater because layering is key for days with big temperature swing. Let's talk print now. How fun is the retro rose print of this sweater? It is still keeping with the floral tend but is fresh with the rockabilly retro vibe. Yes I love it, I do. Besides I picked it up on a very fun girls shopping trip this spring so it reminds me of that too.

Sweater by frenchi. Layering tank from Old Navy. Jeans by Black Orchid seen here. Sunnies by Mugler see in almost every post this summer. Shoes by Nina.

Photography by Kanon





Pencil Skirt Sky High Heels

I love the classic line of a fitted knee length skirt. Since I don't wear many business skirt suits and such, (thank goodness!) and therefore I have no need of drab and conservative business attire, I can wear pencil skirts in bright red! Who wouldn't love a fun red curve hugging skirt that hints at pin up beauty? Granted, the outfit is not at all retro but because of the cut and fit of the skirt it has just that little hint…

The shoes are high for sure but since I'm petty used to being the amazon in the room, I don't mind being taller than many if not most.

I love the tank with the exposed zipper and since I never wear racer back bras, I went with a fun red one to complement the skirt. Seriously, racer back bras are not made for my chest, if I ever found one that fit right I would totally wear it. I have never found one that fit right, and not for lack of trying either. I like the red straps with the navy, it adds a bit of fun.

Skirt by Lady Luck seen here with the same Nicolas Kirkwoods which are also seen here. Tanks is by Dex. Bling is by Naked Vavang.

Photography by Kanon






Burberry Bucket Bag and A Summer Sweater Dress

Dog days of summer…hot and not enough rain. I spend too much time inside when it is hot out. I am not a sun worshiper since I live the pale life so I actually like summer clothes that have a bit more coverage at the shoulders and arms. This light knit is breezy and cool but still offers covered arms, I like.

The loose fit and drop waist are casual and cute and still comfy.

Since oranges and peaches and apricots are all such summery colors, the shade helps keep it fresh also.

These have become my go to sunnies this season. I love them and they go with petty much everything.

Classic summer wedges are perfect for adding a bit of style and still being totally comfortable to run errands in and walk in all day. Add a great bag and I'm a happy summer girl.

Dress from Victoria's Secret. Wedges by DV by Dolce Vita. Burberry bucket bag was gifted from a dear friend. Sunnies by Mugler seen lots this summer.

Photos by Malachy

Enjoy the summer and wear something you love!





Simple Silk For Hot Summer

Today's forcast is for a high of 99. We will see if I can manage to make my Tuesday run, that is pretty hot! Often on hot days I find I'm more concerned about staying cool than staying fashionable. Sometimes you come across a lovely piece that allows for both. This loose silk high low maxi does that . It is light and breeze and still has style.

The looseness helps with staying cool too. Although I think it would be a cute dress for a summer evening party or cocktails also. The print makes it a versitile piece.

As for makeup in the heat, I just add a little sparkle and mascara and call it good.

Silk dress by Tolani. Shoes by Collin Stuart seen many times on the blog. Bracelet was gifted from a dear friend.

Photography by Malachy

XOXO and stay cool.



Flowers and Stripes with Peep Toes

I love this dress. It is a bit tight though,but it love the none the less. I love that it is completely summer. It can't be worn any other time with a added layers for warmth. That would just not look right at all. It is purely a summer dress. Only to be worn for one short season here in Montana. Far too often these days I find myself wearing workout clothes most of the day. So when I dress up in something like this it is just that much more special.

The stiped jacket over the top for the cool of the evening is a nice add but I like the dress alone best.

It doesn't need anything else. Just one simple strapless lovely symmetric mirror image floral print dress and great heels and friends to party with.

Dress by Zara seen here. Jacket by Robert Rodriguez seen here. Bag by Chanel seen here. Heels by Gucci seen here.

Photos by Kanon





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